Our Successes mostly find themselves in the fact that we were even able to complete the project considering the circumstances- having been limited due to the time difference and the fact we lost one of our workers due to internet problems- however there's much more to be proud of here. We've made a game that uses different collaborative functions for each character- especially for the 2 surviving players,  and even more so with Chilly. From the original concept to now, we captured the feel we were originally going for- the combination of 2D and 3D aspects in a Dead by Daylight-esc game. 

The Failures come in when we present the fact that due to the amount of items there are, it can be a bit confusing the first time to see so many different buttons and a chore to remember them, and how some of them require your 2nd player to help you with them (mostly with the landmines) and won't work if they're dead. We've also had a bit of problems near the beginning of our playtests where it was described by the assistant Professor, Jason Li, that making our map would be key to making this fun, an intellectual and movement battle to add to our survival aspect would only strengthen our resolve. He suggested a few things, like making the map more like Pacman's initial level so that the Monster and survivors would have a bit more trouble and make the chase that much more interesting rather than our slightly more open spaces. 


2 Minutes With Chilly 83 MB
Nov 23, 2020


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